Sage | 3 years!

Hard to believe our littlest is THREE years old!
She is our cuddler.. will get 2 inches from our faces with a big grin, hug us, and tell us "I love you!!"  She still adores her daddy, we find her in our bed every morning, she loves making up stories and songs, loves coloring and crafting like her big sister. She does great at keeping up with an older brother, wrestles around as good as any boy! 

Her 2nd year was a busy one... getting rid of paci, moving to a big girl bed, potty trained day and night (most of the time!), and she even got to slip in a double hernia surgery right before her birthday. We definitely didn't get as much in a hurry with anything as the other kids and it (shockingly?!) went smoother.  hah! 

She is a pretty easy-going kiddo and we love her so very much!!

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