Winter happenings

Playing "hockey"
less toys = more creativity and imagination
(that or my kids are just nutso)

Sweet dolly's first Christmas!

First snow! Which means I make my kids trapse out and take a picture for me. They are usually good sports.

Willows goofy toothy grin.

Showing off his Christmas gift!

This one doesn't get in too many pictures lately! 

This kiddo has loved playing in the snow this year.. I let him go out back and sled down the golf course hills (that I can see) He never whines about being cold and spends a lot of time out there!

I never want to forget:
The way she rubs her hands and wrists when she is nursing or is tired.
Such a happy baby.

 no sledding outside? sledding inside.

And those sunglasses she wears all. day. long.

I never want to forget:
That short period of time when she army crawled in her funny, worm like way! :)

Nine months of growing, fun, learning, sweetness.

These two had the idea to freeze a cup of ice.. then went to town chopping it one morning. 

I never want to forget:
The way she loves her dolly and imitates her cries and giggles. The way she pulls herself on her knees and hangs onto me, begging to be picked up. How she falls asleep with her knees under her and her little rump in the air. 



A few months ago I went over to my Grandma's home to take some pictures of it before she moved out. I was able to sneak a few of her entertaining my girls and I love them. She hates pictures of herself so I had to be sneaky.. she would die if she knew what a blog was and that I was posting them.  
Love her dearly.

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