Tucker is 7!

Took this kiddo out and snapped some pictures since he is now 7! One of his favorite things is farming and excavating and I've been wanting to take his pictures by some equipment for a few years... Its just not very convenient to tell the guys to stop production on harvest for 20 minutes while I pose my son in front of the combine. hehe Anyway, this year they got done in good time and the combine was sitting last evening so we took advantage of it! I didn't have to fight Tucker at all for his pictures as you can imagine. :) He's totally at the age of the cheesy fake grin so we had to work pretty hard to get some laughs and real smiles, but it was worth it. 


Willow | 18 months

Last minute this evening I decided to take Willow and try to grab some 18 month pictures, we were racing the sun but got a few good ones. She was 18 months on the 18th and is sure keeping us on our toes! She is a crazy kiddo who loves to climb and get into anything that is not meant for her. We've loved to watch her vocabulary and personality grow and grow. She is obsessed with her dollys and has to have her "baby" wherever she goes, even to bed. Lucky her she gets two real ones in a few months, not that she has a clue. She also loves music and loves to dance along, loves her paci and blankie and goes down for naps and bedtime like an angel, and is overall a fun, busy, lovable, ornery girly. 

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