Willow | three months

This sweet girly is 3 months old today! I typically ramble on about her personality and developments, mainly so I can look back when I ever do her baby book and have it recorded, so feel free to skim over that part.
She is sleeping 8 hrs a night (typically) then nurses and goes back down for another 3 or 4 so her mama can enjoy the non-school schedule and sleep in. She loves when anyone talks to her and giggles and laughs back. She has been starting to put her fists over her eyes when she is trying to go to sleep and it's the sweetest thing ever. She is growing like a weed and, like her siblings, has a very round face. :) She rolled back to tummy about a week ago and has also started rolling from tummy to back. Still isn't a huge fan of tummy time for too long, but is doing a little better. She loves when I put picture books in front of her and usually lights up with a smile and a squeal.. I love it. She has also been enjoying little toys and occasionally grabs at them. When I was pregnant with her I felt like she would be a content, laid back kiddo. So far, that has proved to be true. 

Sometimes I just stare at her little face and see our creator. He formed her individually, like He did all of us, and cares deeply for her. She is a testament to me of his unwavering love.
I thank Him often for trusting us with another precious soul. 


Brooklyn | eight

Brooklyn Jo turns eight years old today!
 (which means she is halfway to getting her license ) gasp. 

She is my helpful girly, will usually do little jobs or chores when I ask and is a great help with Willow. She HATES chomping or mouth noises while eating and will make everyone miserable if she hears it at our table (I think there is actually a name for this disorder, hah) I am thankful that her and Tucker and Sage can play for hours and get along so well (when they want to) despite gender or age. She is a bookworm and will sit and read a whole chapter book without interruption. My mom, sisters, and I took her to the American Girl Place and ferris wheel in Chicago for her Birthday earlier this week, she had a lot of fun. Our hope is she will remember the trip and time spend together much longer than a toy we could have given her. We love her like crazy. :)

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