A few months ago I went over to my Grandma's home to take some pictures of it before she moved out. I was able to sneak a few of her entertaining my girls and I love them. She hates pictures of herself so I had to be sneaky.. she would die if she knew what a blog was and that I was posting them.  
Love her dearly.


fall photo dump

Since we are well into December, I figured it was high time I go through our personal pictures as far back as August. Yikes, get ready for a photo heavy post.

I am sharing my clients photos on another site Kellyknecht.pixieset.com  So lucky (ahem, or unlucky) you, this blog will go back to our more personal stuff.

I will try and shut my yapper and let the photos speak for themselves for the most part, but I can't promise ya anything. 

First day of School! A third grader and my boy started Kindergarten!

Three little buddies from birth up!

Willow and her matching friend, Indie.

A quiet moment. 
This was after Tuckers surgery on his arm, which was after he visibly broke both bones(I'll spare you that picture!), which was after he fell off the monkey bars, which was right after he told his friend "watch this".
Also cracking up that his splint is much larger than his skinny little legs. hehe.

 Willow at 6 months attempting her first food, avocado. Not a fan.

Tucker turned six! We gave him silly string, a Dale Jr. 2017 hat and matchbox car replica and he was soooo excited. (proving again we don't have to spend a bunch of money or get some grand thing for gifts!)

Baby girl is six months old!

A foggy fall saturday.

Proof of who the softy parent is.
I got home one evening to find this scene.

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