Willow | One yr


Willow is one!

One year went so very fast with our Willow. She is walking along stuff and has taken one or two steps alone but it pretty content to crawl where she wants to go. She is getting her one year molars, eats as much food as the other kids, and is really starting to repeat what we say more! Such a busy but fun age! :) We couldn't be more thankful for her life and enjoyed celebrating her!

Also it should be noted... I had this great idea to get one big white balloon for her 1st birthday. I went to amazon (duh) and found one (my search was probably something like "huge white balloon") It said 36 inches and I guess I never got out the tape measure for a visual. The day of her party I took it to walmart to fill it with helium.. I was waiting at the front of the store and saw the employee from the other side of the store coming my way with the largest balloon I'd ever seen in my life. Like, Willow could have actually fit inside of it.. twice. I was legitimately concerned it wouldn't fit in my van! (spoiler: it fit in the back hatch with one back seat folded down) Conversation piece for sure, and I guess I got my vision. hehe

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