Tucker is 6!

Tucker turns six years old today! I love his ornery self, sweet heart, awesome imagination, and his cheesy 6 yr old grin. He loves baseball, nascar, equipment (whatever papa happens to be doing at the moment.. so currently it is combining) He still loves to help in the kitchen and play pretend kitchen. He is doing great in Kindergarten, not sure why I was ever worried. Turns out the child can sit and write or color if he has to. I was recently reading in a book how boys naturally are more risk takers.. if the consequences seem worth it, they will try it. He showed us this is the case by breaking both bones in his forearm on the monkey bars at school. He later told us he that told his friend "watch this!" then swung out on his right arm, lost grip, and fell onto his left arm. He was so brave through it all, and the plan is to get his cast off on thursday! I love that this kiddo doesn't know boredom, he is always coming up with something to fiddle around with. 
Stay little Tucker boy; we love you like crazy!!


Branson 2017

Back in August my family went to Branson, MO for a week. We had beautiful weather, a super fun resort, and a fabulous week together. We swam as a family in the pools, acted like kids on the slide and lazy river, chilled in the hot tubs, made good use of the mini golf and tree house playground. We did the sight and sound theatre again and enjoyed the Moses production. We relaxed at the Wednesday evening pizza and pool party. Tucker got 3rd in the limbo and Ang almost placed in the hoola hoop contest. We had a good laugh at the Karaoke participants and my siblings and I enjoyed some after-dark pool time where we chatted and acted younger than we were. We went boating, skiing, wake boarding, cruising to dinner on the lake, drone flying. Mom and Dad also treated us to the golf cart tours at top of the rock. It was beautiful and fun for all ages for sure. It probably got a bit loud at times, but we were together and making memories. It was wonderful. Thank you mom and dad for such a wonderful gift - time together.  

turning my baby into a machine gun...

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