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Figured I would play catch up with our personal pictures from the past few months. 
We started out December with a beautiful snow, which I made my kiddos go trapse out in with their sunday clothes to get a picture, such a good mom. 

Tucker drew this of our bird, freckles' cage. Pretty good.

Acting their normal selves before our church Christmas program, Tuckers first one!

My little baker buddy helping me with cut out cookies. (we got him an apron for Christmas)

 So randomly, Brooklyn has been into sweeping. (not complaining about this) There is enough stuff daily to keep her busy. She especially likes using the wand around our fireplace hearth where all the pieces of wood fall when we bring it in. Hoping her excitement to grab the sweeper when I ask her to lasts a while!

 These next few pictures sum up our Christmas break pretty good. Fevers and sleeping. As a certified mother I diagnosed us all with influenza. Really can't complain as their main symptom was being tired and we managed to stay out of the Dr.s office and off meds.

Christmas eve we gave the kiddos each a gift from us. Hopefully when they get older they won't look back and feel deprived that we didn't get them more at Christmas. We did take them to Chicago for a night in October and told them that was part of their gift. :)
Memories > stuff

Sacked out standing up leaning on daddy kind of tired. 

 We moved the bookshelf from our hallway closet to the sunroom, definitely a good move.

Her daddy took her to the library and helped her pick out books from a series he loved when he was a kid. She definitely gets her love for reading from him!

"I'm a brother!"
Sweet trunks Tuck, totally goes with your suit "coat" and white shirt (which is a bag they taped on him)

Fun with cousins..

Loving these warm bursts in February!!

And our soon to be big sister who still naps for me on occasion!

Goofy kiddos with their glasses they got from Grandma Livy on Valentines Day.

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