Our {little} secret...

We've had a little secret brewing {or baking rather} for a couple months now....

We're very excitedly expecting no. three!!
We told the kids Monday and Brooklyn was SOO excited!! Tucker didn't know what was going on and maybe said something like "NO!" However yesterday at lunch while telling him again I was going to have a little baby he said "my baby?" When I told him "yes" he got a big ol' smile on his face!! 
I'm sure this child will get plenty of "love". Yipes.

Some info, since I know I always like to know this stuff as well...
Baby is due {aprox.} March 4th 2014
For the third time, we will not find out the gender {until birth that is!}
Brooklyn wants a sister!
Tucker doesn't have a clue what's happening.
Daniel's pretty sure it's a boy.
I've never had an inkling with any of my kiddos and don't with this one either! :)
I've been feeling really pretty good, just a little tired.
Yes, there is just one in there!
At my 12 week apt. Monday baby's HR was 165

ahem... i'm attempting a picture of my large self every 2-4 weeks.
If they suddenly stop, I either got bashful or huge.. or both.

We feel beyond blessed and are so thankful for a smooth 1st trimester!!


  1. So excited for you guys Kelly! Our little blessings will be very close in age :) I'm actually due March 7th, so our due dates are really close! But I will probably have them in Feb most likely. Anyways, Congrats again!

  2. I'm {super duper-wheely wheely} excited!!! Another kiddo to add to the Aunt Miranda Spoil list :)

    P.S. love the chalkboard idea! {you are adorable as always}

  3. Oh, Kelly, so happy for you guys! Love your blog and all your sweet expressions of your family's life and times! Congrats on that new little one! Can't believe how close you and Rach are due! ~Linda

  4. That is so exciting Kelly and Daniel! Congrats:) I never would have suspected when I last was with you at the park Kelly! ~Amy F.

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  6. sooooo exciting! i enjoy reading your blog! i don't think i did well about responding to that creative memories idea ... years ago ... remember? ... sorry! when are you coming out to visit tony & denise next?? it'd be fun to have you out our way! we're expecting, due in january. how wonderful to, Lord willing, have little ones close in age! :)

    1. Well hello :-) No prob on the cm thing.. i didn't even remember :) Congrats on your news too!! Not sure when we'll be out to Paulding next, but we'll have to look you up sometime!


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