Board and batten wall!

If you're on Instagram, you probably know we've been working on a board and batten wall this week. 
This is the wall we started with. Everything I put on it got dwarfed. 
The wall is massive.

I have loved the look of board and batten for quite some time now, but didn't know where I could ever put it in our house. Until one evening when a light bulb flipped on in my head and it was "operation convince Daniel" After showing his some pictures of completed walls on pinterest and some talking through the process he was on board. 
{hehe! no pun intended... okay, so it was}

Because our drywall was horrible on this wall we had to put down 1/4 inch plywood first.
{those who have nice smooth un-textured walls a lot of times skip this step but we're glad we didn't}

Then it kind of when like this...
measure, measure, measure, cut, glue nail, measure, measure, cut, glue nail
and then we caulked and sanded really well...

Then she got painted white and we called her beautiful done!
Actually I believe Daniel's words when he got home from work just now were "I think I'll get used to it" and also "Do you wish you wouldn't have gone so high?"

{Dont' listen to him wall, I like you just the way you are}

I promised him that was the last thing we'd ever do to this wall!
Glad I like it! :)


  1. Wow- I love it! You are so inspiring! You are so good at starting projects and getting them done quickly and efficiently... and they always look awesome!

  2. ooooh i like it! :) it completes the room....:) good job carpenter Dan and project manager kelly!! :)

  3. From your very first instagram I've been excited to see this blog post :) These walls are my favorite.. they call to me. Haha. It looks great! Looks like I know who to call when I want to do it to Hannah's house ;)

  4. absolutely LOVE it! now to get your mother inspired in her two rooms.......

  5. I love it!! I just about had Harold on board to do it in our bedroom but then he backed out because our walls are all textured. :( I will have to show him this to see if I can try to persuade him again :)

  6. I love it Kelly! I want to come see it in person!


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