Well goodbye short little february, you were fabulous with a few 60+ degree days.
We had a pretty low key month, but i figured I'd dump a few pictures for the fun of it...

All was quiet and I assumed Tucker was sleeping, come to find out he had snuck his dads phone and was under the covers...

These two are keeping each other on their toes. He likes to bug her and she likes to bug him. They also like each other sometimes too. 

Surprise, surprise, she found food...

Brooklyn is loving to read and I'm so thankful that she doesn't need much of a push,
she's doing great!

If I am doing dishes, I can count on this little gremlin to come pull up a chair on the other side of the sink and help me out. 

foam balls = baseball in the house

When we get "sick" we like getting an assortment, one thing would be boring!
1. pneumonia 

2. ear infection and pink eye 
(we were sooo close to making it 2 years without a single ear infection...)
photos by Brooklyn!

3. cough, cold, earache

Thankfully it was all short lived :) The girls all ready for church!

 getting so grown up on me lately.

Oliver + Sage + Crue
 little buddies... can't believe they are two!!

Sage + Avery
accidental twins this day :)

Sageys Birthday we got her a teepee and a big ol' stuffed elephant. I loved watching her get so excited for the smallest little things on her Birthday!

strange blue smurf child...

"red light, green light, dynamite, boom!"

Hello March! Looking forward to your sunshine & warmth. Please do not let us down!


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