pretty little jars

So, I've had these four really cute little knobs for a while now. I bought them for another project that I didn't end up doing, and they sadly sat in a basket waiting for a forever home...
I had pinned a picture on pinterest long ago of these darling jars with colorful painted lids and cute knobs. I kept coming back to it so i decided to throw something similar together last night. Since my knobs were clear, white, and neutral and I am sort of allergic to too much color in my home, and I had white spray paint on hand, I went with white lids.
I think they turned out pretty cute for as little time as they took. I will probably keep a few in the bathroom and Brooklyn informed me that she could put some in her future room bookshelves.  I'm sure she has all kinds of junk do-dads to fill them up. 

Pretty easy and cheap, here are the details if anyone cares. I'm sure you could figure it out on your own, but I fell like list making today... so:

1. hot glue the can seals the the lids.
2. drill a small hole in the center of the seal, just a tiny bit bigger than the screw on the knob you use.
3. spray paint the lids color(s) of your choice.
4. screw the knob onto the lid and tada!


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