Sage is two!!

Today is our Sagey poo's Birthday!
 She is cute and cuddly, loves to snuggle and be rocked. She loves to sing and hum, and even though I can't make out half her words I can pick up on the tune immediately. She got her sweet tooth from her mama. Her favorites are smarties, duo mints, "tandy tanes", and suckers. She loves her brother "Tucka wee!" and Brooklyn too, but she doesn't like saying her name as much. She also is very into having "iccccce" in her cup lately. She thinks mom and dads bed is hers. She absolutely loves to swim and recently found out its a blast to jump in by herself. (with her puddle jumper on of course!) Her job at supper is to get the bible story book out for daddy to read, and she loves listening for the 1st 10 seconds then tries turning pages the rest of the time. 
She has the most infectious smile and giggle (and also some pretty impressive tantrums) -what a girl! Her 4 canine teeth are still coming in, not sure why they are so late arriving. She loves putting her boots on and going anywhere. (gets that from her mama too) She is loving anything pretend. Babies and purses, sweeping, etc. And just lately she is a hoarder of stuff to bed; paci, blankie, sippy cup, lamby, dolly...
We love her so very much, our little family wouldn't be the same without her! 

**very glad we had a nice 65 degree day last Saturday so I could snap a few picture of the little squirt!**

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  1. so so cute! what a pumpkin pie! love you Sage Poo! :) and Happy Birthday!!


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