Brown County

We spent the week with Daniel's family in Brown County, IN. 
We had absolutely beautiful weather and our hotel was nice and quiet and the area was very pretty with lots to do! Although I think Tucker would have been happy as a clam just swimming in the hotel pool and taking showers by himself in our huge Jacuzzi tub/shower. 

Anyway, this post is picture heavy so I'll try not to ramble on too much :)

Sage with Uncle Jeremy

One of his many showers

The toilets were pressurized and quite loud. Once he got used to it he thought he was pretty hot stuff!

everything turns into baseball....

some of the girls...

So, at one point Dad stood up and began talking about how long they had been married etc and we were all preparing ourselves for an emotional talk when he pulls out this mouse trap which read: "for complaints press button". I believe his words were "She's never had a good place to take her complaints" :)
He also fessed up that Daniel was in on it.... is anyone surprised?! 
It was pretty cute either way!

again, baseball with a stick.

Tucker had a blast with all his older boy cousins.
He got Owen and Levi confused at one point. And one evening he ran up to Daniel and said something about "that guy" (pointing to Galen) Daniel asked him who that guy was, so he went up to Galen and said "hey, whats your name!?" They're pretty good buddies still :-)

phew, now I need to finish unpacking, cleaning our house, and get ready for a little girl's Birthday tomorrow!! :)
 Have a great weekend!

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