Brooklyn is five. (part one)

It's hard for me to believe my little girl is five year old, and that she's not a baby, or even a toddler anymore. 
And in another month she wont even be a pre-schooler anymore. 
She'll be a big girl.

I truly am so excited for Kindergarten this year, she will love it, I'm sure. And there are so many fun and wonderful things about her getting bigger. 


I'm also very teary sitting here thinking about it.
(maybe it's too late or postpartum hormones?!)
She will never be a squishy toddler anymore. Her legs are getting longer and skinnier each year. She's getting harder to carry to bed after she falls asleep in ours. And the times I still rock her, we fill out the chair quite nicely.
I'm excited for my "big girl" Brooklyn, excited to watch her grow and learn and mature.
But if you ask me, the past 5 years seemed like the blink of an eye, her little baby squish went away a little to fast, her giggly laugh that didn't take much effort to hear now requires a little more.

So... I'm going to try to do better at savoring every single day with her, not rush her so much, not expect so much of her, just stop and play with her. 
Because pretty soon she'll be another year older, gone at school all day long, and not as impressed by her goofy mom.  
sniffy-sniff. sorry for the mush.

For now, when I look at these pictures she still looks like my "little Brooklyn" so we'll leave it at that. 

I'm thankful each day for the sweet girl we were given 5 years ago!


  1. Such a sweet read, Kelly~~and the pics are great too! She is such a cutie, and I just had to say, the second to last pic of her with the apple struck me that she looks a little like your cousin, Bethany Wettstein and her girls. Probably the hair & that sweet "Grimm" look coming out in her :) Thanks for sharing! ~Linda Folkerts


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