The Blunier Family {sneaky peek}

Such a beautiful home and evening for these pictures the other afternoon.
I also learned that either...
a. I am not allergic to poison ivy or
b. taking a good shower right after stepping around in it gets rid of it.
Alas I may never know but we're going to say that both of those statements are true and I'll feel much better. Anyway, without further rambling here are just a couple of my favorites from their shoot! :-)

I'm a sucker for light... look how beautifully it's streaming in around behind them!!

{I promise this picture isn't blurry Miranda... I'm going to blame it on my poor blog uploader! GRRR}

I have to say, my favorite thing about this picture is how all three of their belts are lined up exactly...
however Austin's is on his hips and the girls' are around their natural waists! ;) tehe


  1. You're so funny Kelly...makin' me LOL and you are an awesome photographer!

  2. I love the sneaky peak! Allthough I'm not sure I love that I look like a monsoon of a goon, great pictures Kel!

  3. haha and I have to add that I loved the comment about the belts -tehe


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