A couple pictures of our memorial day to start off this post...

This week started Bible School, Gymnastics again for Brooklyn, and the last day of school before Brooklyn goes to Kindergarten.
Speaking of Kindergarten (oh... we weren't??!)... 
I told Brooklyn I will miss her when she's gone every single morning and maybe I'll even cry the first day.
She thought it was pretty funny. stinker.

Quit posing like you're 15. 
And who said your legs could get long and skinny when they used to look short and chubby like Sages.
Blogging late in the evening is never a good idea.

I had a bit of time to do her hair the other night before bible school. It holds curl so well and I wish I would make more time to do it, but alas, sleep usually holds priority.

Since Daniel is teaching it's just been me and the 2 squirts at home these evenings.

{can we say chubbing up much?!}

This kiddo loves to play ball!!!! And I love these pictures... the little nut. Apparently I was not focused on the game enough while taking pictures b/c he proptly told me to "put that thing down by Sage and catch the ball!"
hehe... whoops. 

I feel the need to label this photo.. it's like a painting...

on second thought, maybe I'll let you choose your own caption. Please leave it in the comment section.
Best caption wins a free night of babysitting.
Don't be shy.


  1. if i could "pick" my mommy it would be you:)

  2. Ha ha ha! Maybe I'll get the free night of babysitting even if I don't enter!! Love this post!!

  3. Oh kel I feel like sometimes I'm reading about my kids instead of yours!! Crack me up " put that thing down. . " sounds like something one of mine would say bet you can't guess who!!;) love this!!

  4. I was recently explaining to Reilly what repenting means...after soaking up the conversation overnight he came to me the next morning and said..."Mom?...I repented last night." I replied..."oh really?!" (slightly shocked) Real matter o' fact he said "yep, I asked God to forgive me for wiping boogers everywhere! From now on if I have a booger I will put it in a Kleenex" I tried so hard not to laugh...He was so serious! I told him God would most likely accept his humble apology and forgive him...on the other hand that means I need to forgive him too...I'll be the one to scrub them off the wall. Aaarrrg! Still love him to pieces tho!!!

    1. oh hilarious!! :-) what a sincere kid!

  5. Now see, there's bean pickin', and there's berry picken', and then there's boogie-pickin'!! (He's so cute when he does it!) ~Linda Folkerts
    (if I win, I'll pass the babysitting on to Rach--tee-hee)


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