Strawberry Greek Yogurt Smoothie

I am not much of a Breakfast person.
To be honest the thing that sounds best is a warm cinnamon roll. Actually, I've been known to eat a cookie or two and call it breakfast. 
Phew, I'm glad we got that out of the way...

SO, obviously I've been on the hunt for something a bit healthier that actually appeals to me at 8am.
Enter a smoothie.
I love the dumb things and buy them a lot as a random snack, & I got thinking, it would be a pretty healthy breakfast!

so without further ado, here is my made up attempt at a smoothie...

one 6oz. Strawberry Greek Yogurt
3/4 of a banana 
one heaping cup of frozen strawberries
1/4 cup orange juice
one cup ice

blend it all together!
(hopefully you have a better blender than me and it goes quicker)

makes one small mason jar full {or about 2 cups}

props to {Dana's} Katie for the darling mason jar glass with lid! 

sidenote: all ingredients I bought at Aldi. 
For about $1.55 per smoothie {give or take}
They even had the Greek Yogurt...
which by the way I've been hearing so much about, but have no idea what the hype is about it. I checked out the nutrition label and it's got a ton of protein, much more than regular yogurt. So I guess it'll keep you feeling full longer?! It's a bit thicker than regular yogurt, but in a smoothie it was great!

sluuuurp slurp!


  1. Did the kids like it? I bet they'll love it and they'll think they're getting ice cream for breakfast but it's healthy!

    1. Also, if some of the fruit is frozen, try a little less ice and increase your liquid (milk or juice) for easier blending. And, it won't be as thick so you can drink it faster if you're in a hurry.

    2. Tucker took one spoonful and i think liked it and Brooklyn was sleeping so didn't try it, but I'm sure she'll like it. And yes it was a little thick maybe so next time I'll cut back on the ice a bit :)

  2. Will you make some for me and then bring it to me so I dont have to do all the work in the morning?

  3. This looks great! I tried making a smoothie this morning with greek yogurt and it was absolutely inedible. I should have used your recipe!


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