Sage is three months!

I can't believe my little Sagey is three months old already!!
As I have for all my kiddos I wanted to get a good three month picture of her to put in our living room, pass out, etc. One pose I thought, on her belly because it's just so stinkin' cute at three months! That way I could just snap a good one and be done.
We started at our lake. I got out and changed her, she was cooing away, and i realized i forgot my camera at home. I wasted 15 minutes going and fetching it and got back to our lake to take the picture in the basket. It then got a little to dark and she started getting hungry.

Try two and three at home proved to be not quite as easy as i thought it should have been. Getting her to sit up tall on her tummy, look right at me (the big black boring camera covering my head) and smile or look pleasant, all without having any blur from camera shake... didn't get one I loved.

Try four at home this afternoon went great, she was happy I knew I had at least one good one so I brought my camera in, took out the sd card and slid it in my computer. nothin. They magically disappeared into never never land.  It's happened before and i hereby and henceforth promise to never remove my sd card and just use the cable. grrr.

So try five. I took her back out again and she was still happy as a clam so I grabbed one FINALLY. 

Her six month pictures better go a bit smoother.

Ahem, so at long last here is the little cutie. She is most definitely filling out the basket more! 

She is such a good baby and we just love her to pieces!

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