Life with Sage.

We're getting used to life with three kiddos. :)
Daniel and I both had to agree that Sage is by far the easy one at this point!!
She's such a good baby and we're so thankful she is eating and sleeping so well.
She likes hanging out in her little Rock and Play and if she ever starts fussing or squeaking around the kids are such to give her some toys and love. {She also likes a paci every now and then!}

I now have a nice little bribe to wave over the kids' heads when they need to pick up or obey... holding Sage.

 Doing some tummy time... and her typical "ohh" bird face she likes to make.

 It was brought to my attention this morning via instagram that I indeed did not have any pictures of the three of the kids yet {besides in the hospital} So we did a quick "photoshoot" to remedy the situation. 

She has given me and Daniel the biggest smiles the past couple days when we start talking to her. Not the "sweet little happy dreams smile"... I'm talking full face, wipe open mouth smile! It melts my heart!

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  1. too too sweet! and Grandma Livy would probably like to buy a 5x7 or two :)


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