and then there were three...

Well, since I've officially been a mom to three for a little over two weeks that obviously makes me an expert on how it all goes down!


However I get the question "How's it going with three" so often I thought I'd entertain you all with some much needed rambling of mine this afternoon. 
I considered breaking this post into two sections.
1. Reasons why I'm so very thankful.
2. Reasons why you probably should not come over unannounced.
but... as so many times with parenting it's all kind of intertwined and oxymoron-ish.

We'll start with Sage. 
She's an angel.
She eats well, sleeps well, sits in her rock and play well.
I couldn't be more thankful for such a happy and healthy baby (so far!)

Which God knew I needed with this little guy.

He really does good with Sage, and honestly forgets she's even around 99% of the time. He has gotten a bit ornerier since she's come home. (I didn't even know that was possible.. but alas..) His naps (or lack there-of) have been just as challenging. And since a newborn kind of needs fed every couple hours and newborn blow-outs result in a 20 minute clean up, and one mom really can't do three things at once (i know, shocking!) :)  AND postpartum hormones + 2 hour nap-battles end with both of us in tears... 
He is NOT napping more times than he is... leaving us with a grouchy boy, falling asleep at supper, and getting sick. :(
Little. Stink. Head. that i love dearly.

On the flip side, (see there is always a flip side) Brooklyn and Tucker have been playing so well together! For hours sometimes, using their imaginations, not needing me to invent/entertain, making ginormous messes that I would be embarrassed about if you stopped over unannounced, but by golly I'm forever thankful that they have been such good buddies!
{They were Joseph & Mary?!}

Coming home with my third has been much different than my first. For starters, I've done this twice now, so I'm not as stressed and worried about things. But I've also done this twice now, so I stress/worry about what things could go wrong more. Especially the things that have caused worry and concern with my other two or other family or friends.

Ya following me here?!? 

I felt like coming home from the hospital with my first baby I had a throng of people holding my little bike while I nervously tried riding without the training wheels. They held on for quite sometime.. weeks even, making sure I could do it on my own without a nasty wipe out.

Coming home with my third I felt the hands pushing me off the very first evening....
 "Go mamma, you can do it, fly with your three little birds!!"
haha, no....  those hands are still right there, ready to run if I needed them, pouring in with food and calls and "how's it going's?"
{Oh the food!!! Thank you, thank you, sweet family and church family!}

Also, I apologize for that awkward comparison with bikes and training wheels..... not sure where that came from...

Brooklyn is LOVING having a sister, or really just a baby in the house at this point. She loves to hold her, throw diapers away for me, get burp rags and my water bottle..... She's a trooper.

I'm looking forward to the weather getting warmer and staying warmer so we can be outside and venture out of our cocoon with three now. Although I'm not going to promise it will be quiet, contained, or put together. (ask the poor ladies at Preferred Care today) hah! :)
I remember a mom saying that an older veteran-mom told her "When you have lots of young children at home, there are days that THEY are your bible reading." I also remember my first thought being "right, with a bunch of kids, I'm going to be needing my bible a whole lot more!" -which is true, but I now understand where she is coming from! :)

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. ha ha ha ha I am still laughing about Joseph and Mary... anyway... beautiful thoughts, love it all. and... you sound just a little bit like Pioneer Woman with the quick wit interjected and weird analogies. :) So glad to know your days sound like mine...

    1. hah, well I'll take the PW comment as a high compliment, as I enjoy her humor best out of all my blog reading, which makes me think i need to start reading her again!! :)

  2. Aw thanks for you honesty--I am sure it is such a challenging phase! What a bunch of cuties, though. :)


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