She's Here!!

-Sage Elizabeth-
7lb 12oz
19 inches

Dr. Kindred delivered Brooklyn, Tucker and now Sage :) We think he's pretty great!
We couldn't be more thankful for a very smooth labor and delivery!

These two were proud as punch and love her to pieces. So far we're doing pretty good being "gentle!"

 -Papa and Grandma Livy-

Our family of five. God is so good, we are beyond blessed!
{Also... how on EARTH do we have three kids!???!}

Goodbye OSF. Hello Home.
She looks thrilled about the whole thing...

-Grandma and Grandpa Knecht- 

We are enjoying every minute with her, she's been such a good and easy baby so far! 


  1. So excited for your new addition--and a good labor/delivery!! :) Such precious pictures....

  2. Great pictures, Kelly! Enjoy those snuggles, she is just precious.


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