I SPY...

After posting a picture to Instagram that had shocking resemblances to the pictures you see in an I Spy book, and before tackling the mess today, I decided who wouldn't want to play a quick game of I spy with my children's imaginative masterpiece of a mess.

SO without further ado...

an apron hanging, four toy cars, a random baby toy perched on wall, an upright old trunk, and BONUS: two Tuckers.
how'd you do with scene one?? Extra bonus if you found more than four cars... I had to keep upping the number when I saw more... and the answer to the bonus question is my Tucker on the bed, and the dog Tick-Tac-Tucker in the foreground.

Scene two...
A van with no-one in the front seats, a kitchen faucet, 7 wheels, a polka-dot basket, and chipped paint from a play hammer. ehem.... 
Hope you used your imagination for the van... Brooklyn is in the very back and Tucker is in the middle row if that helps.

Scene three
 half of a doll, a bunch of purple grapes, four chairs, a shopping cart, and a coffee maker.

Scene four...
a baseball tee, girl waiting on coffee, a tug boat, and a basket full of pens.

Scene Five...
an american girl doll basket, boy drinking coffee in a pack-n-play, two little people, and a play phone.

Well, that was fun! Now that I got your brain thinking and creative juices are flowing, you can get back to your productive day!! :)

Maybe looking at or cleaning up this mess will put me into real labor once and for all.
Or scare this child into staying put where he or she is safe for a bit longer...

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