enjoying December...

Enjoying lazy days and quiet evenings...
inquisitive kiddos who are quite curious about their presents under the tree...

ornaments mysteriously moving from branch to branch...
more toys moved downstairs to keep the chaos and crazies on a lower level (literally)

crafts, grandma's leapster, coloring and writing when brother is napping.
making eating a gingerbread house on a very freezing evening in a very warm house.

...longer naptimes that make for a happier Tucker 
(and the ability to stay somewhere a bit later before breakdowns set in)
sleepy post-nap faces...

ornery grins knowing he's not supposed to have paci...
and that sparkle in his eyes.

getting the mail everyday to find more happy Christmas cards...
and looking them over and over multiple times daily!

Really enjoying online Christmas shopping to avoid bundling 3.5 people and fighting crowds everywhere.
Bonus: getting those packages in the mail!! 
And thinking I can finally say I'm 100% done Christmas shopping :)

Looking very forward to family get together's, Brooklyn's first church Christmas program, little nephew due in a couple weeks, watching the kids open their gifts that we thought long and hard on, putting together Tucker's train board 
(post on that if when we get it done)

Have a great rest of your week!
 kind of hoping for a little snow tomorrow so the hubby can go push it around! :)

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