Brown paper packages tied up with string...

Since it's December I can now quit hiding our tree, wrapped presents, etc...
Didn't want to upset anyone who is anti-before-thanksgiving with Christmas decorations. 
Although I have to say it's been very relaxing having it done as already our calender is getting nuts!
Just yesterday I sat down for a good 1/2 hour calling half a dozen people or so finding 5-6 sitters for just the next week. I'm here to tell you it's like famine or feast.... I wont need a sitter during the day for a month and then i need 6 in a week. 
(Thanks in advance to all of you sweet willing family who are watching the two crazies this week!)
It also makes me appreciate how willing Daniel is to watch the kids during evenings and Saturdays! 
And thankful that looking ahead on my calender i shouldn't need anymore the rest of the month. :)

We had a wonderful, healthy Thanksgiving with all of our families. Here's a lone picture from our annual trip to Indy with the Grimm's. 
The kids really had a blast, it gets more fun as they get older and look forward to things like i do!

She came out one morning to find new presents under the tree.. with her name on them!

And she's continually practicing her songs for our Christmas program.  


  1. First off, I am enjoying the title of this blog post...I started singing immediately! Secondly, WHERE did you get your B & T stockings? I love them!

    1. hah, target. stockings were plain and they sold letter pins. :)

  2. I spy a PaPa lurking in the background...with plaid and argyle, oh my!!


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