Kitchen backsplash

So, if you follow me on Instagram I mentioned something about our kitchen backsplash at least a month ago.
So, on time as usual, here are details and pictures.

We gave our kitchen a face-lift the beginning of 2011 by replacing the floor, painting the cabinets, and using a counter top paint system. It looked much better than before but did not hold up well.... here it is 2.5 years later....

peeling, chipping, nasty.
{the before} 

I pulled the red flag and told Daniel it was hazardous to cook on peeling paint!!
So we got new counter tops, similarly colored to how we painted the existing ones, and tried our hand at a tile back-splash.

Thankfully we can check it off as a successful diy project. Although I should say Daniel can check it off.... I'm just the dreamer, pinner, tile and supplier picker, instructor (or so i think) and Daniel does the physical stuff most of the time :)
We used Polished Carara marble with a light gray grout. And instead of getting hex tiles we got 3x6 subway style tiles..... i figured it would be 100x easier for us beginners. 
We spent about the same amount on the tile as we would have adding the "backsplash" option to our new countertops, so it was easy to decide to give it a try.

Happy Thanksgiving eve, don't eat too much Turkey!!

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