Miranda {part two}

This morning we went to 30|30 coffee in Peoria. I will say that I was definitely a pioneer at taking pictures somewhere so.... busy with people. 
The first 10 minutes or so was a bit awkward for both of us, but thankfully after a bit I kind of forgot people were there {or quit caring what they thought} and hid behind my camera :-)
It was a very fun shoot and again, i tried to limit myself with a couple favorites!!

It's interesting, while taking someones pictures and then editing them, I will suddenly see a resemblance of someone else that I had never noticed before.. even though I've known Miranda forever.
I saw Jodi, Becky, Amy, and Boni :-) ...kinda fun!

enough of my rambling... here she is...

She likes coffee by the way.... if you needed clarifying. {tehe}

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!

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  1. awesome:) and did you get a sample for yourself at 30-30? We've been there and they make really cool latte designs :)


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