Miranda {part one}

I was very excited when Miranda asked me to take some pictures of her for her blog.
which, by the way, is right here!
She drug her feet a bit, but we finally got session one done tonight {before the clouds rolled in, may I add}
I really enjoyed an evening of just taking pictures of a beautiful gal with a beautiful setting and not having to turn into a one man circus for to get kids to look and smile. :-) {although i did have to crack a few jokes to get her real smile!-tehe}

We're heading to another fun place Saturday morning for session 2 and I'm looking very forward to it!!
I tried to limit it, but here are some of my favorites from tonight...

as we backed out of the timber into the open grass we both gasped at the awesome sky!!
unfortunately i had my fixed lens on so i couldn't get a more scenic picture... it was just amazing!! 
{and a bit freeky!} 


  1. You my friend are one sweetly awesome {and very talented} photographer!

  2. great pictures of a great subject :):)


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