Autumn Everdays

Her Hair
She cut it.... with her neighbor friend.
It could have been much worse, but I am still sad we had to cut a good 3 inches off to try and even it out! :-(

She's also trying to do it herself. {again, with her little friends} She says she's doing a flip bun.

The Memory Game
She asks me at least once a day to play with her. The little stink is good too. And more times than not she beats me!
Her favorite part is counting her matches up as we throw them back into the box.

Showing off
nothing else... He just does it a lot!

Which involves coloring and writing names and words then cutting and taping to make a big art collage.

Her real smile and laugh that I rarely catch on camera anymore...

Hope you're enjoying the cooler weather... we're hoping to make it out to the fields again soon!!!

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  1. Tucker learns that head tilt back- mouth wide open- ready to catch a worm- laugh only from the best :)


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