A boy, A skid steer, & A house

 It's been a while since I've posted, i know :-) It's been a couple nutty weeks.
We've been {finishing up} work on the outside of the house! yay. 
And by "we" I really mean Daniel does the work and I critique and boss.
I was born a good delegater. Maybe that's why God let me be a mom.

Anyways, back to the point. This post is Tucker heavy. But that's okay, Brooklyn can get the spotlight next time. After his nap one day I snapped some pictures... then considered deleting them because he had his paci in. {I know I'm strange} I figured it'll be good to remember the dumb thing... I really hope to be rid of it soon.... whenever I can muster up the courage...
(and it does still make him seems so little and not toddlerish, which he is, because he will be two very soon!!) 

Helping daddy...
and as always... filthy.

His favorite thing on earth... guess what we got him for his Birthday?!
I'm just afraid it's not going to be big enough :-)

First thing he wanted to do every morning while it was here is go out and climb around on it.
And don't even ThInK about starting it up without him on!!
Daniel was just going to move it a couple feet one day, Tucker was playing in the garage. He started it and Tucker ran out of the garage toward him like a bullet out of a gun.
I've also never seen him eat so fast in my life as the night he was finishing {playing} with supper and Daniel went out to do something with it... he about jumped out of his chair when he heard it and when I told him he had to quick finish his supper first he about choked on the huge mouthful he acquired after stuffing the rest in in .002 seconds. :) What a kid. 

and I'll just sneak this not so lovely picture in quick... a little behind.
We could categorize it under the "house" part of this post. 

Still so thankful everything is going smoothly!

And lastly i thought it would be fun to show you a "before" and "progress" picture of the front. 
I'm not going to say "after" because I really hope this grass comes up! And the "before" picture looks much more green and alive
(besides the Dr. Suess looking peeling house)
Due to some budget cuts from CEO... aka me, we will be doing the last finishing touches in the spring!



Have a great weekend!!


  1. Wow Kel! Before & "Progress" pictures amaze me!

  2. Beautiful! Good job! Btw.....can I call dibs on the AWESOME outfit that Tucker is wearing? Lol.....that is if you have a girl :-) seriously though, if you ever get rid of boy clothes, lmk. Love your style!!

  3. Tucker is adorable, the house is beautiful, even with straw - kinda looks cool :) tee hee (at least it's consistent!)

  4. Your house looks awesome and Tucker's clothes are so cute. Oh, and you look cute pregnant. I guess I should have just commented "cute"! ;)


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