Tea and Trucks

Today Daddy got home from work just in time for a tea party/ picnic Brooklyn had set up.

She was a very hospitable hostess. 

Tucker joined her and they made sure to say prayers before eating...

Tucker's latest {very big} obsession is "Daddy's tuck" -translated "truck"
first thing when he wakes up he looks out the window "Wheh daddy's tuck?"
first thing when Daniel walks in the door from work, Tucker runs to him "daddy tuck!"
When playing outside he just wants to drive/play in/mess up all the lights, mirrors and buttons in "daddy's tuck!"

Aaaand, if your feeling like the grass is greener at your neighbors house...
 please look at our "yard" Tucker is standing on and feel better! :)

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  1. As always, your blog makes my day :):)


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