Lifestyle photo challenge!

I decided to challenge myself to get my camera out every day in June & take at least one picture.
{and then make it harder and attempt to post most everyday}
I've done it before on instagram and it's fun to have the challenge to look around and take pictures of the little everyday things...
Which, when I look back a year, are the ones that really make me smile.
Like this one...

And this one...

It'd be GrEaT if your want to join me!
If you post them on a blog let me know and I'll link you up!
{If I can figure that out}

Happy June!
And happy picture taking!!


  1. Hey Kelly, this sounds fun! I would love to do it with you! My blog is: www.theruffledstitch.blogspot.com

  2. first of all, there are no words :):) too cute... and I love the one with papa and Tucker :)


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