Our Memorial Day weekend!

Thought I'd quick post a picture heavy weekend post.

Today started a bit slowly, Brooklyn came bounding into our bed and happily exclaimed
"I can't wait to go to the parade!"
Me and Daniel exchanged glances knowing it was cancelled. 
"Well Brooklyn it is raining so they might not have the parade today"
Brooklyn: "Well, Lets just bring our umbrella and we can still watch it"
We tried again...
Needless to say when we finally got the point across that it was cancelled, she was pretty sad.

She perked up pretty quick though and it was a great day after all! 
Without further rambling, I will attempt to let the pictures mainly speak for themselves and keep quiet!

Our Day....

Remembering our Grandparents... and 3 Grandpa's who fought for our country. Here the kids are at Daniel's Grandpa Mick's grave. He was a Ranger in WWII and one of the boats that landed on Normandy Beach on D-Day. 
{If you're ever over, ask to look through his book that Daniel's sister made, it tells quite the story!}

These two were darling. I had them hold hands for a picture (so they wouldn't run away) and for about 5 minutes afterwards they just walked around not letting go. 
Double second cousins and Birthday buddies... "They came just Nick and Tuck" ;)
Can you see two little Blunier/Wiegand/Grimm boys getting into any mischief together?!??

Couldn't end the festivities without a little puddle jumping!


  1. so cute and fun! love these pictures!

  2. Great pictures Kel! It was fun being with you guys last night. I'd love to see that book about Daniel's grandpa next time I'm at your house!!


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