Are you my mother?

 Well, little Tucker buddy is officially 18 months and I'm pinching myself because if he is 18 months, 
that means Brooklyn is no longer 18 months.
{this struck me square in the face the other day..}

Which means she is really not a toddler anymore...
and will be going to Kindergarten before too long, 
which will send me into a state of denial and mourning.....

Back to my point. The boy is a year and a half; which means I wanted to get some good pictures of him.
I'm not sure why I try to make it a "special" picture anyways, my kids are going to have more pictures of themselves as babies than they'll know what to do with!!

immediately when I saw this picture I thought of some of mine :)

when he was a baby, every single person that came to see him said he looked like Daniel or the Knecht's.
Two people said they saw Dana.
He was 2 or 3 weeks old ,in church, the first time someone said they saw me in him.
{thanks Miranda!}

well, here is proof I birthed the kid.

as my brother Andy would say...
Tuck Finn!

little stink head! :)
He is so full of life and we just love him to pieces!!
He sure has us on our toes, but he's got us smiling and laughing a whole lot too!

Praise the Lord for kiddos! They make me something pretty special...
their Mommy!!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you moms out there :) 
And gals who play the role of "mom" in so many different ways!! 


  1. Love! The ones of him in his little fedora are darling. :)

  2. totally LOVE this:)

    happy mother's day to you, too!!

  3. He is too cute. Happy Mother's Day to you! :)

  4. and I still think he has a lot of Kelly in him :)


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