dirty toes and mandarin oranges

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A little late with the "Mother's Day" picture... but my only request to Daniel on that day is to take a picture of me and the kids. This is the best we got, just pretend Tucker is looking and smiling. :) 
I do love looking at how much the kids change over the years.  

We've been working on our front yard every chance we can get.
Paver stoop and sidewalk, wall, landscaping, and eventually maybe grass!??! Maybe by the end of summer.... 
{I can dream}
The kids seem content without a yard nonetheless, it seems Tucker would rather throw golf balls down our driveway and cover his legs with dirt anyway. 
I'm happy if he's happy i guess....
but I doubt our kitchen floor is, I about forgot what it's true color was until this morning when i scrubbed it. 
{a rare and seemingly pointless occurrence} 

Tucker is still his normal ball of energy and is getting more comical to watch the older he gets.
He has started saying his full name in a very stern voice when he's doing something he shouldn't be...
 "Tuck-ah Yee!!"
This kid sings/hums and sings more than i thought a 19 month old could. I thought Brooklyn was a singer at that age but Oh man, does he ever show her up. All. the. time. every. where. 
We have a Sunday school songs CD they have been loving and his favorite is the first song
 {I have a Joy, that breaks into "and I'm so happy, so very happy"} 
So needless to say that has been played well over 1009 times in the past couple months.
"I ahh {want} Happy, Happy"
{He's also got some impressive dance moves to go with}

Look! Clean toes! The only time I see those is after bath time at night. :)

This girl has been playing with her little neighbor friends a lot this spring and in turn is so bored when there is no one to play with!??! {oh help}
She's got quite the imagination and is a thinker so she makes us chuckle a lot...

She had been sitting in one spot for a while and after she got up was messing with her leg and told me it felt sparklely {I gathered that it fell asleep}

The other day she told me she wanted an "S-N-A-C-K" and when I asked her what that spelled she promptly replied "mandarin oranges!"

This evening she asked me how we get up to heaven. 
{She loves talking asking about heaven}
Well, we will be angels, so we will just fly! :)
I love it how they just smile and believe! Ah... A child-like faith!

And, if you've made it to the end of this random mess of a post you deserve a medal! 
Have a happy "Hump Day"


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