one spring morning...

T'was a beautiful morning so we thought we'd venture outside...
such a pretty (lone) tree in our yard. Can you imagine anyone wanting to tear it down!!???!!
 {ehem danielandjeremy} 
I'm still mourning over a hypothetical future loss of my sweet tree and have yet to decide if I will put 100% trust in our landscaper :) hehe

Back to us venturing outside... i decided to take off on a walk to try and get some of Tucker's 18 month pictures. However, shortly into the walk I realized a couple problems....
Okay... maybe I realized these beforehand but my optimism outweighed the inevitable at that point... 
sunny 70 degree weather will do that to me, you know.

1. It was high noon and sunny.
2. It was about Tuckers nap time
3. Tucker has been grouchy the past couple days

This is about what I got out of him...

thankfully someone else decided to sit still and smile for more than a millisecond, so it wasn't a complete bust.

She put herself like this... no posing on my part. What a goon!

Also, isn't' the suitcase darling? 
Miranda, if you'd like I could store it at my house for you... so it doesn't waste your space and all!??!! :)

Enjoy the beautiful weather!!!!


  1. i love them:):) can't wait to see the rest from tonight:)

  2. Love the suitcase! :) You can store it till I need it again hehe


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