Ruler Growth Chart

I've been seeing these very large, very cool growth chart rulers on blog-land and pinterest lately. 
It seemed like a simple project {and cheap} so I attempted our own

The main reason I wanted to do one was because I'm currently doing a growth wall on our closet doorway, and if we ever move it'll be pointless.... so we now have a portable one!

I've also found a new love: 3m adhesive strips! They are what's holding this 1x8x6 onto the wall. I'll let you know if it ever plummets to it's death.....

Have a good weekend!


  1. Love it! Her top is super adorbs also ;)

  2. Adorable. But now you have made me feel super unproductive :)

  3. you are seriously so good at photography. i love seeing your pics. :)


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