Roll 'em up and eat 'em up...

Today I made cinnamon rolls!

From scratch!

You can close your dropped jaws now...

Desperate times call for desperate measures and...

1. I have been craving cinnamon rolls for days (no I'm not pregnant)
2. It's way to frigid to bundle me and the kids up to go uptown to buy cinnamon rolls
3. I had to have cinnamon rolls, now!

So I browsed the web for a bread machine cinnamon roll recipe that I had all the ingredients for and successfully found one. (the ones with vanilla pudding mix in them are the next to try... yuuuummmmy)

Sidenote: I'm sure if you know me well you are wondering what on earth I am doing with a bread machine!?!! Well my sweet mother-in-law gave me one for my Birthday in June, and I have used it multiple times and am amazed at how easy it is!

Back to the important stuff... I threw the ingredients in the machine, let her go for an hour and 20 minutes, rolled it out, spread the butter, brown sugar and cinnamon and rolled it up and cut it in 12's. twelves?  well anyhow I made a dozen of those bad boys. 

I believe at this point I felt like Betty Crocker
(quit laughing you great cooks out there, this is a huge step for me)

 Notice Brooklyn's sneaky fingers....

 So excited I was to eat these guys, that after I threw them in the oven I realized I was supposed to let them rise for 1/2 an hour...


 Not to worry, they turned out just fine and huge anyways 
(um, anyone who knows what they're doing know why? Can i skip the rise step every time?)





Now, since I've obviously perfected the art of from scratch cinnamon rolls, I'm thinking of making them when we serve church lunch in March! 

Well It's possible that it was beginners luck

Maybe I'll price some bakery's just in case...

Bonus: Brooklyn approved too!!

Cinnamon rolls for supper!?!?!!!


  1. haha! I am rolling! This is too good! You?!!? Baking?!!?!? It must be really cold!!! On a real note you did awesome!! I'm thinking you could be pro food blogger too! I'm soo impressed! And now I'm going to have to find something else to make for you when you serve! haha :)

    1. Oh heavens, i wouldn't have asked you to make all those cinnamon rolls for me AGAIN!! :) especially now that I've made a batch!!

  2. oh wow...how horrible for you and your children's health...are these fat free i hope? i would never indulge in such wicked food....

    my children munched on fresh veggies and dip this afternoon for their snack...

    1. Cass,
      to the rest of the world you may be anonymous, but I'll always know it's you...
      also, I can't believe I forgot to mention that they were not only completely fat free, but all organic as well.... you know me!!

  3. who is annonymous? Cassie? or someone who talks as she does? ha ha!

    I am very impressed, and would love to sample one:):) it is obvious that you do not take after your mother!! (actually, i did the REAL from scratch bread at one point in my life, and i'm talking kneading, etc - i had no bread machine! be impressed!!)

    love ya,

    1. Well see... I definitely took the easy way out with the bread machine.... there is NO WAY i would have kneaded it myself!!

  4. I'm impressed Kel! And you are an excellent food blogger...such cool pictures. I'm hungry just reading this. And Cassie cracks me up. :)


  5. These look delicious Kelly! And your pictures are amazing.


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