After viewing the the following pictures you'll probably get one impression of how our week has been.

However, in reality, it's been a bit more like the following...

And to be a little more clear my kids have really not been that bad this week
{okay maybe a bit more stir crazy with some increased tantrums}
It's probably been me that has been more "off"

I was reading lately (probably another blog) about impressions and assumptions based on what we may see. I am very guilty of this.
Cute pictures of kids smiling and running and jumping... projects, meals....
When reality the mom is at her whits end and ready for Spring
(raising hand)  

So... lest you get the wrong impression I thought I'd clarify a bit :)

Along the same lines when I look back, I want to remember the good days & fun things we did rather than the bad days. crying & yelling...

so I choose to take pictures of the good.
(most of the time... got to keep it real too)

Thankful for this week of Easter.
So good for my "perspective"to be brought back to the cross again and again.

And for the Joy we can have because of it!!

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