Spring fever & uneventful happenings

We're getting a bit of Spring fever lately over here on Shady Lane
And by we, I mean me, but probably my kids too since they've been a little more difficult this week.

Thankfully there was a nice day last week and Brooklyn could go out and ride her bike, "chalk", and play catch for a bit. 
But I believe that teaser is what's making me long for sunny 60 degree days more than ever! :)

In other news: Brooklyn's frames finally broke. 
And by broke I mean she came up and told me they just fell off her face. I knew they were getting a bit loose. 
Thankful for Walmart's free replacements!

We made them work until they got the same frames in :)

 Tucker is loving to sing lately. Mainly the "B-I-B-I-B" patty cake (he's rolling it up in the above picture) and Jesus Loves Me.
Oh, and jumping off things, like the coffee table Daniel caught him jumping off the other night. 
This is completely stress-free for me of course. (!!!!)

And he has a great instructor (pictured below)

She could line these cars up for hours. seriously. 98cent Easter basket fillers for me! :)

AND... since sister brushes her teeth, brother doesn't want to miss out on the fun either. 
And he obviously thinks it needs to be wet as well, since I have found him dipping it in the toilet, then chewing on it, twice now!

I about gagged. Then Promptly threw away the toothbrush.
(so don't panic, it wasn't the one in the picture)

Brooklyn saw a squirrel in the yard today. Not to be confused by the "squirrel" we caught in our house this winter.
(No worries Me and Daniel like to call it a mouse)

Well, AnYwAy. If I haven't put a grin (or grimace) on your face yet, I'll close with a picture that makes me reconsider the whole "selling them to the zoo" thought that may or may not have crossed my mind this week. :)

Happy Spring!!


  1. Oh, i love it! cute pictures and funny words! Happy Spring!!!

  2. :) i am desperate for spring over here as well. :)


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