Thankful for the small things

 This morning I'm feeling very thankful for multiple things...

1. My kiddos let me sleep completely through the night (minus one tiny 30 second wake)
this is huge... Tuckers been a mess teething lately, poor guy, and got a booster flu shot and immunization last week.  I believe number one is why I'm feeling so thankful and nice this morning :) hah!

2. This little guy has been independent playing so nicely lately.... again, huge step since he usually has an hour or two alone in the mornings before Brooklyn wakes up. Little stinker :)

3. Even though it has been a freezing week and long winter already with not much snow, the sun has been out most every day!!!!! The sun is my lifeline (well the other son is really my lifeline...but earthly speaking...) :) I believe I am very prone to S.A.D. or wintertime blues... sitting at home all day can really start bringing me down... but this sun shine is really wonderful and helps immensely! 

Obviously taken a couple weeks ago when we had snow! :)

4. I'm so thankful for such a peaceful and uplifting night in church last night! I love my church family and am so thankful for the unity I feel!! It's a wonderful thing!

5. Excited for my bro-in-law's wedding this weekend...and thrilled to be getting another Wonderful sister-in-law!! And praying the kiddos... namely Tucker and his iffy low grade fever, stay healthy for it!!!!! 

Also... maybe those cinnamon rolls have happy carbs in them??!!!?
I think it's highly probable! 
figuring I'm the only one who has eaten them so far
minus one or two the kids devoured 

Wedding pictures to come!!!!!!!!


  1. Ditto to #4!! Wasn't it awesome?!?! btw...I noticed you timed your exit perfectly before Tucker's fit went full-force ;)

    So, if you get any full sunlight beaming in your windows in the next 10 days; lay down, soak in the warmth, and pretend you're with me on the beach in FL.


    1. Can you believe Tucker threw a fit because I took him from Daniel!?!! (what a goon) :) and i may go price airline tickets for next week now... then realize we cant afford it, then cry. wahhh!! :) Come on don't you want me Brooklyn AND Tucker in the same house as you for a couple days!!?!

  2. ditto to all of them!! we are so blessed:):)


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