Fifteen months

This little bugger is fifteen months already! And he's a handful. I fear these pictures are a very poor depiction of what this little guy really is like..... if you know him well, you know what I mean! This kid can throw some stellar fits!!

Aww, so sweet and cute....

Pure innocence, how could he ever be a stinker....

"Who, little ol' me? Eat me up, I'm always this darling"


It is quite apparent that I need to start getting my camera out when he's throwing his fits.  If I'm going gray in a year or two, you have been foretold! He really is a good natured kid. As long as he's not tired. Or hungry. Or mad about being in his car seat. Or being bothered by his sister. :) In other words, our kids are like night and day. 
Differences make life a little more challenging and interesting. And they are good for us! Just think, We'd still think we were just great parents if we had another kid like Brooklyn.


Tucker must have thought that was pretty funny too.

 Just for fun, here is our angel child at fifteen months as well. (for comparison sake... because i think it's intersting)

Wait, she wasn't always an angel either!?!! 

Oh, good! That makes me feel a bit better about Tucker.
Hope you have a poop free, scream free, fight free, cry free day!

Also... I really do love my kids!


  1. So cute! I love your pictures Kel! So good! :)

  2. Ahh tucker man way to keep your mom from having such a stress free boring days!! u just keep them. . . interesting!!:)

  3. these pictures made my day!!!


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