June | 2016

Just a big old photo dump of my June bugs.

Our front yard view.. and my little wanderer.

Supposedly these are "breakthrough chickenpox"
who knew?!
Thankfully, since she was vaccinated, it was very short lived and this was about the worst of it. Nothing like my week long misery of itching landing me in the hospital with a serious skin infection for another week... not fond memories of a childhood illness. yuck!

VBS! I was Tuckers teacher this time around and we had a fun week! He is so excited to finally be starting bible school, sunday school, and preschool this year.
I am in denial. Thats all I have to say about the matter.

On a random note:
We chopped Brooklyn's hair, I got detangler, and I also bought a wet brush.
It's still difficult to brush through at times, but its better! 
(I am here to say that thick blonde hair is beautiful, but not pretty to brush though!)

 A serious look from a girly who's getting quite grown up too.

Thankful to have these chubby toddler thighs still with all this growing up business. 

 Two friends in the wild jungles of Africa.
only kidding, its our front landscaping... seriously SOS. 

I need to video her story telling with all her facial expressions and hand motions.. not that I can make out her entire drama.. but i never want to forget it! :)

Golf balls for days folks!

 A quick picture before church..

Our little sleeping beauty, she still loves her naps so paci isn't going anywhere yet.

This little guy has been loving to help out in the kitchen lately (that is, on the occasion that I'm in the kitchen anymore)

takin' my chair..


The boy still loves his baseball!

She loves her "moo-mee" -smoothie
Our pronunciation has a long way to go... but I kinda love moo-mee! :)

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