May | 2016

I really am going to try and do better at posting a months worth of pictures right at the end of that month! But for now, here is our first month in our new house. :)

We are loving the extra space outside!!

My three mothers day gifts...

Who are you on the phone with Sage?

Still on the phone with Amy....

Childhood flashback: perler beads

 Our little book worm!

  Last day of school!

  She was very sad to be done! (That means first grade was a win!)

My mothers special birthday brunch..

Is it really summer until the sprinkler is out?! :)

 Oh Sage, we love you so!

Always someone else's shoes... 

Smooth tangle free hair...

 shoes always optional.

The guys succeeded in starting the old eyesore tractor ;-)

Memorial day parade!!

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