June everydays

6.15.15 so sleepy!

06.16.15 working hard, or hardly working?!

06.17.15 This one got to join me for wednesday night church since she slept in that morning and has no school! 

06.18.15 His turn to come with mom, this time to grandmas.

06.19.15 She had been a stinker about pictures lately and will cover her face or hide and make a big deal anytime I aim my camera at her...

06.20.15 After a hard days work.

06.21.15 Fathers day! They love their daddy!!

06.22.15 When Daniel gets home from work, his position is usually the living room floor and the kids usually pounce!

06.23.15 I was apparently doing some sort of fascinating distraction to get her to look...

06.24.15 How we will remember June 2015!


06.30.15 not a long enough nap...

 07.01.15 after bath hair...

07.02.15 had him on struck orders to spray our lake for bugs multiple times before the 4th, then he so kindly came and did our yard too. :)

I figured it would be best to have a separate post for the 4th of July festivities. :) 

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  1. I love seeing all your pics - it always makes my day :)


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