joe + miranda

I am not a wedding photographer, but I have to say this one that I did for my sweet friend was lots of fun! I've known Miranda all my life and watching her and Joe fall in love and get hitched has been incredible. As much as I give them a hard time about being twitterpated and giddy-in-love, I'm glad it isn't any other way! 
Thankfully we did most pictures on Saturday because we woke up Sunday morning to a steady rain. Although, it seemed pretty fitting as I thought of the words "Theres holes in the floor of heaven, and their tears are pouring down, that's how you know they're watching wishing they could be here now"

It was a beautiful day for a wedding. Thanks for trusting me with you wedding pictures and including me in your special day!



  1. So good Kelly I love them:) such a beautiful day for pictures!

  2. These are wonderful; ) thanks for capturing the beauty of the weekend

  3. LOVE! these are so good, and make me smile!

  4. It may be almost 3 months but coming back to this post gives me the smiley smiles :) Thanks again for such beautiful wedding pictures!


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