July 4th {and such}

07.03.15 We spent the 4th of July weekend at our lake again this year with the Bluniers and had a great time, as usual!
Putting the new volleyball poles in!

Leave it to fun Crystal to pull out the bubbles and sparkles for the kids. She is dubbed the fun one by all the kids, Im sure!

 07.04.15 Rise and shine, campers!

Can you tell what bright-eyed kiddo camped at home in her own bed with daddy?

Our float in the parade. One guess as to who was most excited about the mini-hoe....

07.05.15 Remembered to pull out my camera right before bed....

07.06.15 sweetly sleeping.

07.07.15 bath-tub! guaranteed to make her happy.

07.08.15 Couldn't quite make it through the last book before bed...

 07.09.15 climbing climbing climbing everything now. 
{she likes to wake up Brooklyn in the mornings}

07.10.15 We may have a very tiny yard that can't fit a swing set, but we're pretty lucky to have a beautiful family lake to go play at! 

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