Brooklyn is six

Brooklyn turned six last week so I thought tonight would be a beautiful night to snap a few pictures of her. (She on the other hand, did not like the idea, and whined and let me know how she did not like taking pictures) Guess who ended up winning?!
i did.

This girl is very stubborn at times and tends to cry or whine instead of communicating her feelings to us. It frys my nerves but Daniel says that she gets it from me. I completely disagree with him on that as i feel i can't keep my mouth shut on how I'm feeling... ;)

She loves helping with Sage, being a mother to whoever will allow, writing and coloring... I find paper all over with sounded out words and it's my favorite thing ever! She's turning so very independent which is wonderful and helpful to me, but when I think about how much I'm not hands on with her anymore it makes me want to turn into a sobbing puddle on the floor. 
(motherhood emotions are so contradictory!)

She has enough quiet and cautiousness to her to make her sweet and enough determination and feistiness to make her spunky.

Couldn't be more thankful for this little miss who made me a momma six years ago! :)

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  1. Brooklyn, you are just the cutest!!! love you so much :)
    Grandma Livy


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