Branson vacation

07.11.15- 07.17.15

We were able to go to Branson, MO. with some of my family for a week this July and had a great time. We stayed in a big house about 10 minutes south of town, right by table rock lake and enjoyed swimming, boating, the Jonah production at the sight and sounds theatre, shopping, the landing, and eating out. We also had fun together right in the house too... which is where my camera apparently stayed most of the time :) oops. 

The kids found the air hockey table right away and had a blast with it.

Let's be honest, this is how most of us feel in the mornings...


Celebrating Brooklyn's 6th Birthday while we were there!

So excited about her look-alike American girl doll. 

Attempting to get a picture with my anti-picture girl...

loved the light that flowed in the high windows every morning!

Tucker went in to find papa shaving and since his dad uses an electric razor he asked "what is that all over your face??!" Of course papa had to let him shave too...

The pool felt great during our week of 90+ degree days, however the chlorine was a little overkill and burned our eyes. :(

whirlpool tub - wahoo!

One of the many games we played.

blurry, but accurate.

Our little family at the landing on the last evening.

Very thankful for a fun, safe trip! :)

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