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04.21.15 more reading

04.22.15 This chair provides more entertainment that I would have guessed!

04.23.15 - gotta brag on him just a bit, He's been working every chance he can get finishing our wall we re-did and trying to get things put back together. We currently have wooden window wells he made, new windows finally in, and grass seed coming up!! Now I just need to get myself moving on some painting inside.


04.26.15 I have a feeling I'm not going to be the one teaching Tucker pre-kindergarten things...




05.01.15 Probably should be getting him dressed at this point...

05.02.15 I wish these beauties lasted longer. mmmm.

05.03.15 not a food photographer, or a cook. But this looked too pretty to pass up!

05.04.15 molars.

05.05.15 Out with the eyesore tractor...

05.06.15 In with the eyesore boat. I loose. Unless you count this face, then I win. :)


 I never knew it could take such effort to learn to pedal a bike??! He's getting there!

05.08.15 Ag Extravaganza. I had to laugh... Tucker waited in line to sit up in the semi. When it came his turn the guy helping lifted him up into the seat and even before I saw Tucker's face I knew it had disappointment written all over it. Half the fun of driving something is hopping in it and out of it. by. him. self. :) hah.

05.10.15 Thankful to be their mama. :)


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