May everydays

 05.11.15 homework.

05.12.15 post nap.

 05.15.15 dolly face.

cousin buddies.

05.16.15 more cousin buddies.

toddler baby chub. (denial)

I hope and pray Brooklyn remembers spending her summers with these girls! I wish I could bottle up their memories and preserve them in a safe spot for her to always have.  I'll attempt to do so with pictures.

05.17.15 talking to papa.
05.20.15 not-so-little Lane.

05.21.15 shirtless boy wandering around the neighborhood... where's his negligent mother anyway?!

05.22.15 practicing his swing.

i like to think that she's just at the age of junk hoarding, and that its not "her"

05.23.15 long overdue potluck with our wonderful little group.

05.24.15 not the best picture of the best representation of us trying to change her pants.
(did you need to re-read that?!) :)

05.25.15 memorial day.

05.26.15 recovering from memorial day, and trying hard to finish out these last 3 days of school.

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