Sage is one!

Big changes a year can bring. Sage is officially done with nursing and is on full feed and H2O.  She just started walking and continues to try and copy things we say. Sleeps like a dream, giggles at her brother, giggles at airplane rides, giggles when we squeeze her chubby legs... 
(we love Sage giggles obviously and do what we can to make them happen) 

 She has a sweet, content personality but we have also found out she is very much a softie. If her daddy is too stern with her she will pull out the sad lip and consider crying for a good 10-15 minutes if we let her. All the while searching us for another smile. I like the ornery little streak I see in her mischievous eyes every now and then. Her eyelashes go on for miles and curl up perfectly above her face (lucky kid!) So far her only sickness has been one UTI due to her Reflux, so we are beyond blessed with such a healthy girl. 

 Three teeth have made an appearance before her 1st Birthday with another about to poke through. She "needs" her sleep sack, blankie, paci, and mama. (ok i added that last one in for good measure)
I am also noticing this next picture her expression is almost identical to the 1st picture of this post when she's a newborn. :)


Happy Birthday little girl! We love you more than you'll ever know. :)

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