We got back early monday morning from Naples, Florida. 
Thanks for the warm welcome Illinois....
....... (cough cough).......

Anyways, we had a wonderful time and the kids really did well traveling! We would go back every winter if it was feasibly possible. The locals were apologizing a few days when the high was mid to upper 60's... but with the warm florida sun shining and no clouds it felt heavenly. So around we marched, kids in their swim suits and locals in their jackets. :) 

"Turkey turkey turkey!" 
Tucker, they're flamingos....

We parked downtown close to 5th ave. and walked around the shops, ate at a cute indoor/outdoor restaurant for lunch, walked the beach and explored the pier. 

"Mom look... these are my fire guns!"

We found an awesome park close to downtown with, i kid you not, the largest playground I had ever seen! I think we took the kids 3-4 times. It was wonderful!

Here is the 3/4 mile boardwalk to clam pass beach. The boardwalk itself was absolutely beautiful. Some less adventurous (small) people took the golf cart tram. 

Of course they found a softball field... and a lone tennis ball to play :)

and... a small miracle happened in the form of my self-timer and one shot at a family picture.

We are so grateful for safe travels and such a fun trip we were able to take the kiddos on. Now... we would even be more grateful if Illinois would decide to get above freezing. :)

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  1. One: your kids are stinkin adorable :)
    Two: HOW is Brooklyn so big!? She looks all grown up!!
    Three: I agree with you. Im ready for IL to look like these pics... the green, the warm, the flowers, the sun....
    Thanks for sharing! :)


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