february everydays...

Some random snapshots of our life lately....

Tucker rocking some nice bed-head hair. He's still my little breakfast companion! :)

The day of her Kindergarten pre-registration she actually took. a. nap. 
I think it was her way of telling me she's still my little girl even though she's going off to school in the fall! :)

And the kiddos holding "baby Nolan".. their favorite person on earth right now!
Maybe my kids will get their holding/kissing/smothering of the poor babies out of their systems BEFORE it's mine.... :)
{not likely}

Our latest snow... don't smack me... but I'm still loving it! It's beautiful!!
Tucker begs to go out and shovel the sidewalk every time it's snowing.. 
He has even started asking to go out by himself... Probably sick of me telling him that I don't want to.

And lastly... hopefully no one noticed the lack of "baby" pictures lately...
I just got sick of looking at not only the baby growing, but also my face among other things..... yuck!

35 weeks.

36 weeks.

37 weeks. full term. anytime now little one.
it's getting a bit hard to put shoes on, and lean over the table to eat, and roll over in bed, and see my feet.....

not that things like dressing, eating & sleeping are important ;) hehe

So that brings us current... we're pretty much all anxiously (and me nervously) ready and waiting on #3!
Tucker told me a couple times this week... "I'm so excited for the baby to come.... I love the baby!"


  1. precious little comment from tucker. darling pics, as always.

  2. Awww sweet Tucker!! Love this post!!


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