I'm sure you were all dying to know, but today is officially my little blogs first Birthday! :)
Happy Birthday trusty blog. Hope you've all enjoyed it as much as I have.

On another note, this girl had her first Christmas program Sunday evening. She loved it, and shockingly smiled and sang up there in front of everyone! She already asked when the Christmas program is when she sings Easter songs. heheh I informed her it's called the "Easter program".

Here she is all ready to go (an hour early)

And on another completely random note I took some pictures of my sister's girls in their Christmas dresses and needless to say Maddie was NOT in the mood and Kenzie was all smiles! I cannot look at this picture without cracking up, it is a definite classic that's for sure!!

Hope that gave you a nice laugh for the day. :)


  1. tehe! too cute Amy! {and Kelly} :)

  2. B is just too cute! Love the last picture too!! :)

  3. that last picture is an awesome classic. I LOVE it! :)

  4. hehehe makes me chuckle . . . I can see having many pictures like that in the future too! :) And B's Christmas outfit is adorable :)

  5. what can I say? LOVE!!! Happy Birthday, blog - i love reading you:)


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